Q: What sets Steel Peak apart from other advisors?

A: Steel Peak Wealth Management is an independent Registered Investment Advisor, a business model that empowers us to serve as unbiased advocates for our clients. We answer to our clients alone—not to a parent company or to product manufacturers.

Steel Peak’s investment portfolios are managed by our team, which creates added accountability to our clients. Through our customized financial planning method, each of our clients receives custom advice and solutions; we never use a “cookie cutter” approach.

We keep our clients well informed through reviews, original, educational articles and update letters. We are committed to turning complexity into clarity using a disciplined process.


Q: What is the difference between a broker and an advisor?

A: Every wealth management client should understand the difference between brokers and financial advisors. True financial advisors, including Steel Peak, are a minority in the financial industry. We operate under what’s known as the fiduciary standard, which obligates us to act in clients’ best interests at all times. The other 85% of the industry, including brokers, operate under a weaker framework known as the suitability standard. The broker standard is notorious for enabling conflicts of interest. You can learn more about what separates advisors from brokers here.

Q: What is the advantage of working with an independent advisor?

A: When you work with an independent advisor, it is more likely that the advisor’s priorities center upon you. At well-known brokerage firms, by contrast, the “advisors” are actually employees, whose first responsibility is to their employer. This can create clear conflicts of interest as brokers face the twin objectives of serving clients and increasing revenues for their employers. Independent advisors do not face such conflicts, and are better able to work purely in clients’ best interests.


Q: How are you paid?

A: Steel Peak Wealth Management uses a fee-based model. Rather than charging sales commissions, as brokers do, we charge clients a reasonable percentage of their assets under management with us. This removes any conflict of interest relating to earning sales commissions. And it incentivizes our team to protect and grow your assets.


Q: How do you invest clients’ money?

A: We manage a wide range of investment strategies in-house. Those strategies are combined and tailored within individual portfolios to help clients meet their specific goals while observing their individual levels of risk tolerance.


Q: What kinds of financial planning can you help me with?

A: At Steel Peak, we believe that planning is the foundation of success. We help clients meet their key financial goals by providing detailed roadmaps for education funding, retirement and estate planning. We also handle cash-flow planning and tax planning.


Q: Where is clients’ money kept?

A: Our primary custodians are Charles Schwab and TD Ameritrade , two of the largest and most reputable custodial partners for independent Registered Investment Advisors. Our custodians hold clients’ cash and securities and also offer account administration and other services. Because we use third-party custodians, Steel Peak does not have direct access to our clients’ assets.


Q: Will you work with my accountant and attorney?

A: Yes. At Steel Peak, we pride ourselves on working openly and effectively with our clients’ trusted professionals.


Q: How do I transfer my assets to you from my current advisor?

A: Simply provide us with a recent account statement, and we will handle the transfer for you.