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Steel Peak is an independent financial planning and investment advisory firm.


Small Business Retirement Plans

As the burden of retirement savings shifts more to the private sector, SPWM gives an overview on the process to create a small business retirement plan.

Roth Conversion

A walkthrough explaining the difference between a Traditional IRA and a Roth IRA, as well as a summary of SPWM’s process in determining whether a conversion is beneficial.

In-Service 401k Rollover

An explanation of the benefits of an “In Service Rollover”, and SPWM’s process in helping clients maximize the potential of their Retirement Plan.

College Planning

Looking at longer college careers and higher university prices of recent years, SPWM outlines some of the key elements to secure the best method of planning for college expenses.

Making Money Last in a Volatile Economy

Reza Zamani breaks down how he is managing retirement funds during the current economic environment.

Self-Directed Retirement Account

Risk Management

Estate Planning



Understanding Estate & Gift Tax


What are the rules and guidelines to giving a gift? What are the tax consequences when you give a gift or inherit an estate? Click below to learn more and listen to the podcast.


The Right Advisor


How can I be certain my advisor is taking all the right steps with my wealth in good times and bad? Click below to learn more and listen to the podcast.

Estate Planning – Living Trust


What is a living trust and who needs one? Click below to learn more and listen to the podcast.