Wealth Management Capabilities

Corporate Services

As a business or a business owner, your planning needs differ from those of a typical individual. We offer corporate planning services to complement personal planning services provided to business owners. Common problems faced by businesses today include poor cash management, lack of long-term employee compensation plans, and a lack of succession plans for both the owner and the business. With these deficiencies, your business may not be operating to its full potential.

At Steel Peak, our advisors can design a cash management plan to develop your business through prudent investment. While holding cash is a necessary measure for any company, finding the balance between cash and capitalization can mean the difference between long-term health and stagnation. Our advisors are also experienced in implementing and managing corporate retirement plans, enabling you to reward and retain your employees while helping them secure their own futures.

Finally, most companies are hesitant to have a succession plan in place, because it requires an admission that the founder or owner will not remain in control in perpetuity. However, succession plans are vital to the long-term success of any company. In the event of a potential sale, a succession plan can increase the attractiveness of the company to a potential buyer, smoothing the transition process and limiting interruptions.