Wealth Management Capabilities

Estate planning and legacy planning are a powerful combination: Together they can help to ensure that your assets are distributed as you wish and that your values are passed down through multiple generations.

Estate Planning

Many of those who have enjoyed financial success prize the ability to share their wealth with loved ones after they have passed. At Steel Peak, we know the value of estate-planning strategies that allow the efficient transfer of wealth to your heirs. We help clients by:

  • Creating an Estate Analysis
  • Reviewing existing estate and trust documents
  • Recommending and coordinating with an attorney as appropriate
  • Managing trust assets
  • Reviewing your plan over the years

Legacy Planning

Wealth and values are inextricably intertwined. While estate planning helps to ensure that your assets are distributed as you wish, legacy planning conveys your core values to future generations.

Legacy planning includes:

  • Identifying your values and the legacy you would like to bestow
  • Creating a financial philosophy for your family
  • Designing strategies to implement that philosophy
  • Communicating the philosophy and strategies to your family members
  • Implementing strategies and adjusting as necessary

Philanthropy and Family Foundations

Many of our clients have been blessed with the ability to make an impact on the world through the use of their wealth. At Steel Peak, we help to ensure that your philanthropic giving has its fullest impact.

Our team provides comprehensive philanthropic support by helping clients to:

  • Identify and create charitable giving goals and objectives
  • Pinpoint charities that match your values
  • Evaluate organizations’ effectiveness and financial management

We also support family foundations, helping to ensure that they satisfy your goals now and through future generations. Our services include:

  • Designing an investment policy statement that aligns your foundation’s investment approach with its mission
  • Screening investments to ensure that they meet your values
  • Educating family members and facilitating their participation

Steel Peak’s estate and legacy planning provides independent, trustworthy guidance that helps our clients to make the maximum impact in the areas they care about—in their lifetime and beyond.