Wealth Management Capabilities

Estate Planning

Estate planning is arguably one of the most important aspects of holistic financial planning — ensuring that you can continue to contribute to your family after you can no longer care for them. A properly structured estate passes your resources on to the next generation while minimizing burdens such as tax exposure, transfer of debt and litigation. You’ve built your estate over a lifetime of hard work and achievement. Believing that the work stops there is a serious mistake. Without an estate plan, not only might your legacy be lost, it could also weigh down your heirs. A comprehensive plan mitigates these risks, and your legacy can become what you envision.

At Steel Peak, our advisors work directly with estate planning attorneys to compose your personalized plan. This ensures that all financial considerations are accounted for and that your wishes will carry legal weight when executing your estate. No two plans are alike. However, we will work to ensure that your plan reflects you.