Wealth Management Capabilities

Investment Management

At Steel Peak, we thoughtfully harness the power of the market to help each client meet their distinct goals.

We use our broad range of targeted investment strategies to tailor portfolios to clients’ unique objectives, time horizon and comfort level with risk. At the heart of our approach is the bedrock investing principle of the Efficient Frontier.

Introduced in 1952 by Nobel Prize winning economist Harry Markowitz and others, the Efficient Frontier is the very best framework available for maximizing returns for a given level of portfolio risk.

Optimizing Your Investments

Efficient Frontier principles guide us in selecting the basic mix of asset types within your portfolio. These assets may include stocks, bonds and cash. But we also seek to optimize your results by incorporating alternative investments and by actively making adjustments over time.

Adapting to Changing Conditions

Research has established a strong connection between market performance and the economy’s continual cycle of expansion and contraction. As market conditions change, we make marginal adjustments with the aim of seizing opportunities and avoiding risk. Our approach seeks to improve return without taking on significant additional risk.