Wealth Management Capabilities

Tax Management

Taxes play a role in every financial decision and action and thus are hidden in every aspect of your personal financial plan. In this country, tax evasion is a serious offense, while tax avoidance is a legal and acceptable seasonal pastime. Tax avoidance is characterized by paying the lowest legally acceptable amount of your tax liability through deductions, deferred plans and exclusions. The tax code is so dense that even the IRS has trouble keeping up with loopholes and unintended policies, and attempting to manage your own taxes is overwhelming.

At Steel Peak, your wealth advisor can help you make decisions with minimal tax consequences. Our advisors are equipped to give guidance on the potential tax implications of decisions in your financial plan. Many of them also partner with CPAs and tax attorneys to help counsel in special situations, allowing you to minimize your tax liability while complying with all applicable laws. In the end, our goal is that every consideration is made in every component of your financial plan, and that the resulting decisions put you one step closer to realizing your goals.