SteelPeak Wealth - Investment Management

Active Portfolio Management

The Institute of Portfolio Management consists of non-advisors with focused specialties and roles within the firm. The Institute monitors and rebalances the firm’s Elite Strategies and conducts due diligence on Alternative Investments. The Institute also provides outlook on the global economy by monitoring global cycles, tracking asset class trends, and researching equity and fixed income securities. The Institute reports to the Investment Committee to review new strategies.

Investment Platform

Elite Strategies

Discretionary model portfolios actively managed by the Institute of Portfolio Management. Five Investment Styles designed with various objectives and time-horizons. Asset classes will include individual stocks, bonds, and exchanged traded funds.

Exclusive Strategies

Discretionary custom model portfolios created by the Wealth Advisor. Designed for high net worth clients with special situations such as concentrated positions, or low cost basis investments and more.

Alternative Strategies

Due Diligence of private funds by the Institute of Portfolio Management. Advised and recommended by the Wealth Advisor. Examples include Private Real Estate, Private Equity and Hedge Funds.