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SP Goal-Line Growth Fund


Get in the game

SteelPeak's Goal-Line Growth Fund is a private fund with the objective to generate returns by investing in targeted industry opportunities. Experience a unique blend of passion and precision, where your investment not only fuels the future of sports but also aligns with your aspirations for substantial growth and impact.

Opportunities to invest in sports


Sports teams have seen a significant increase in financial appeal to a host of investors. Whether owning a team, capturing royalties from licensing deals, or simply sharing revenue from ticket sales, we believe investment in a team has never been more attractive. We seek to find opportunities directly into sports franchises or teams.

Real Estate

As sports teams grow in their reach and appeal, the need for building stadiums, practice and training facilities, media centers, and surrounding real estate developments increases. There are many opportunities to invest in sports-related real estate. We seek to find those that generate valuable returns for our investors.


Analytics and data have become commonplace among sports teams. Whether it is tracking player activity or managing attendance and ticket sales, there are several opportunities to invest in sports-related technology. We seek to find those companies that are making a meaningful impact on the world of sports.

Related Themes

As the world of sports continues to expand and the ways we engage with our favorite teams change, the opportunities to invest in the space become even more vast. We seek to find additional ways to invest in the world of sports and entertainment that complement our fund pillars.

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