SteelPeak Announces Appointment of Rina Pineda, CPA, MST as Director of Tax Consulting

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LOS ANGELES, Calif., May 20, 2024 — SteelPeak Wealth (“SteelPeak”) a subsidiary of SteelPeak Holdings, LLC is pleased to announce today that Rina Pineda, CPA, MST has joined the firm as Director of Tax Consulting. With over two decades of experience in tax, accounting, and banking and a robust background in preparing and analyzing financial statements, as well as working with various tax and accounting platforms, Rina will lead the build out of SteelPeak’s latest offering, tax consulting. Set to launch in summer of this year, SteelPeak Tax Consulting will offer clients several tax-related solutions, including tax planning, tax maintenance, and tax advisory. 

“We are very excited about the tax consulting offering and are thrilled to have the leadership and expertise of Rina to help create something that is truly unique, not only to the wealth management industry, but the entire tax planning and preparation process,” said Reza Zamani, Founding Partner and CEO of SteelPeak. “With this offering, SteelPeak aims to change the dialogue about taxes by creating alignment between taxes, investing, and planning.” 

SteelPeak Tax Consulting is an innovative and holistic offering that takes traditional tax planning and preparation to the next level. It addresses tax planning and preparation as well as offering a tax advisory program to help clients minimize the tax burden across all their assets, including investments. 

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SteelPeak Wealth (“SteelPeak”) is a registered investment advisor headquartered in Los Angeles, California with offices in Woodland Hills, Beverly Hills, Newport Beach, and Las Vegas, Nevada. Clients turn to SteelPeak for sophisticated wealth management solutions to help establish investment goals and develop custom investment portfolios. From wealth planning to estate consulting to insurance and to investment management, SteelPeak’s aim of delivering “sophisticated wealth management made simple” applies to wherever clients might be in their financial journey. The expertise and the client-centric approach taken by the SteelPeak team has led to them being named by Forbes as one of Americas Top RIA Firms, among other accolades. For more information on SteelPeak’s holistic wealth management offering, please visit: 

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