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Morten Roness, MBA

Vice President, Wealth Advisor

Morten has an extensive background in the Securities and Insurance industries. His specialties include money management, insurance, financial and estate planning. He focuses on comprehensive wealth management where he serves the needs of his clients by creating, growing, protecting and preserving wealth in the way that is most advantageous in relation to taxes. Morten received his Bachelor degree in Business Administration from the University of Lund, Sweden in 1978 and his MBA from American Graduate School of International Management, Phoenix, AZ, in 1984. He has worked for some of the largest firms on Wall Street including Merrill Lynch, Wachovia Securities, Allstate and MassMutual Financial Services.

Morten believes his role is to help clients identify their short and long term financial goals. He develops a complete financial plan, with investments that are appropriate for his client’s objectives and their personal feelings about money and financial security.

Morten has been married to his wife Michele for 18 years. He spends much of his free time with his wife and their two cats in their home in Calabasas. He has an interest in Bonsai Trees and hiking the Santa Monica Mountains.


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