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Rebecca Stoner

Wealth Advisor

Rebecca Stoner is an accomplished financial professional with a rich background in serving high-net-worth clients in the financial markets. She joined SteelPeak Wealth as a Wealth Advisor in 2023. Prior to SteelPeak, Rebecca’s began her career at Siebert Financial. She later joined Signature Estate & Investment Advisors, which further expanded her expertise in areas such as account services, trust and estate divisions, and client profiling.

With a strong foundation in financial services, Rebecca holds several licenses, including the Series 7, Series 63, and Series 65 licenses, which showcase her proficiency and deep understanding of the field. She also boasts experience in real estate, adding to her diverse skill set.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Rebecca nurtures a profound passion for health and wellness. Her commitment led her to pursue advanced training in Yoga Therapy Rx at LMU, equipping her with the ability to apply yoga principles and techniques for therapeutic purposes, ultimately enhancing individuals’ overall well-being.

In addition to her dedication to yoga, Rebecca devotes herself to martial arts practice, actively working towards achieving her pink belt in Women’s Empowered—a self-defense program specifically designed for women. Her holistic approach to personal well-being extends to physical fitness and self-defense, complementing her focus on financial well-being.

Rebecca’s personal life revolves around raising her two independent daughters in Palos Verdes, a coastal community offering a high quality of life. Embracing the importance of enjoying the natural environment and engaging in outdoor activities, she instills these values in her family.

Overall, Rebecca’s diverse background, unwavering dedication to her clients, and genuine passion for health and well-being establish her as a well-rounded and compassionate professional.


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