Executive Committee

Tyler Resh

Chief Growth Officer

Tyler Resh is the Chief Growth Officer of SteelPeak Wealth and is based out of the Newport Beach office. In his role, Tyler oversees all aspects of business development, marketing, and growth strategies. With an emphasis on both organic and inorganic growth, SteelPeak Wealth has set itself apart in the industry as one of the leading registered investment advisory firms in the nation.

Tyler has spent close to two decades working in — and advising to — the independent RIA space. He most recently was with First Foundation Inc. where he oversaw marketing, business development, public relations, investor relations, communications, and branding for its three core lines of business: private wealth management, banking, and trust services. In this role, he provided sales and marketing strategies to over 60 advice-providing professionals, including approximately 15 financial advisors, 30 retail bankers, and over 15 lenders and deposit bankers. His business development initiatives included organic growth, growth via centers of influence (COIs), growth via custodian referral networks (Schwab and TD Ameritrade), and growth via acquisitions. Tyler developed a digital content marketing program that advisors and bankers used to distribute valuable insights about the markets and the economy, as well as education on life events–such as buying a new home, preparing for retirement, etc.–to thousands of clients and prospects via videos, website, blogs, webinars, in-person events, email, and social media. The programs he implemented included the ability for advisors and bankers to nurture leads through systematic touch-points to qualify and close. During his eight-year tenure, he supported the expansion of the company into new geographic markets within Hawaii, Florida, Texas, Nevada, and California.

Prior to First Foundation Inc., Tyler was a founding member of ECHELON Partners, a leading investment bank focused on the wealth management industry. It was through this experience that Tyler gained an appreciation for what drives value in wealth management firms. He was involved with approximately 100 transactions and consulting assignments and conducted valuations on many of the nation’s top RIAs, seeing first-hand the practices of elite firms. Tyler has been a speaker at industry events where he has shared his future-forward thoughts about the growth and development of RIAs.

Tyler began his career as a management consultant at a boutique strategy consultancy in Downtown Los Angeles as well as with a nationwide, multi-diversified consultancy focused on Fortune 500 companies. He holds a bachelor’s degree from UCLA in International Economics with coursework in finance, accounting, and computer programming. Tyler enjoys spending time outdoors, surfing and mountain biking, as well as coaching youth soccer. He is involved in the local community and has recently served as a board member for Laguna Niguel Youth Soccer Association.

T 949 783-7789