SteelPeak Tax Consulting

Introducing a new way to look at taxes

When clients turn to SteelPeak to invest and plan their wealth, they expect that we consider all aspects of their financial life, including the ones that might require a liability to the federal and state government agencies – Taxes. That is why we are thrilled to announce SP Tax Consulting. This innovative and holistic offering takes traditional tax planning to the next level. It of course addresses tax preparation and filing, but more importantly it strategically implements a tax advisory program to minimize the tax burden across all client's assets, including investments.

SP Tax Consulting has three distinct elements

1. Tax Advisory

Our most comprehensive offering, includes everything from preparing and filing to developing and implementing a tax plan.

2. Tax Planning

A detailed assessment and strategy, outlining key steps to take related to taxes.

3. Tax Maintenance

The annual requirement of preparing and filing taxes.

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